Today’s Church’s Biggest Casualties are Young Ladies

“Feminized churchianity has all but driven off all the men under 40, so it’s not a very good place to meet a Christian man these days. “~Vox Day

Vox says this in a post at

Once again, he is correct. I feel bad for the young Christian ladies who have no idea how to find a Godly man. The odds are not in her favor. And it’s the man’s job to find a woman, not the other way around, which handicaps her further.

Marriage and healthy male/female relationships in general are yet more casualties in the fema-churches today that demand their males be nice and passive instead of demanding the Godly attributes of:

  • Truth
  • Justice
  • Kindness
  • Offensiveness
  • Boldness
  • Leadership
  • and rebuke

It has been my contention for more than a decade that one of a church’s primary functions should be to get their young people married early and in a church-family atmosphere where the church begins, promotes, counsels, and monitors the couple’s progress up until the marriage ceremony. This would strengthen a church more than any other activity and build an inherent family structure that the world would have difficulty breaking.

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